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Communicate 2 Connect

Are You Connecting With Your Team?

Did you know that less than half of Americans say that they’re engaged at work? While this might seem like dismal news, it also means that your business outcomes could dramatically improve with just a little bit of effort toward employee engagement!

During my upcoming webinar, Everyone Communicates, Few Connect, I’ll be talking about the importance of using your influence to connect with your team and move everyone toward a more proactive and productive tomorrow.

As a leader, by definition, we do our work through other people, so making that human connection is critical. Unfortunately, the ability to make that connection is often misunderstood and undervalued.

Connecting with others increases your influence in every situation, and my goal for this experience is to equip you with basic practices and principles that you can use to tap into your full potential as a leader.

Join me for this experience and discover what you need to KNOW, SEE, and FEEL in order to inspire those you work with and manifest the type of career growth that you’re capable of.

Practices and Principles for Connecting

In order to connect with our team, we need to learn how to shift some focus from ourselves. Which means learning how to listen to, identify, and communicate with others.

During this experience, you’ll discover methods for connecting in a way that encourages productivity and energy. These methods will also allow you to create a space within your workplace culture where everybody feels comfortable (and wants to) contribute and work toward accomplishing joint goals.

The materials used in this webinar are based on the leadership vision and expertise of John C. Maxwell - an internationally-respected leadership expert, speaker, trainer, coach, and author. His philosophy is based on the idea that the ability to connect with others is a major determining factor in reaching your full potential. John has spent years putting together steps, goals, and principles that are easy to follow so that you can discover the value and potential that you and your team are capable of reaching.


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Connection Goes Beyond Words

The actions you take as a leader are just as important if not more so than the words you speak. That’s why this experience is more than just giving you a script to follow or buzz words to use. This experience will give you a brief yet comprehensive overview of positive and negative leadership traits so that you can understand where you’re excelling and where your leadership traits might need some work.

My goal for this webinar is to help you unpack the ways that your communication style is being interpreted so that those you are trying to connect with don’t get the wrong impression about the messages you’re trying to send. All too often, people in leadership roles don’t realize that in order to be an effective communicator, you need to develop new skills that you may not have used before in a non-leadership role.

The skills that you’ll learn in this experience will allow you to break through any existing barriers that you might have with your team and find ways to find common ground and truly connect, so that you can be a credible and successful leader!

Can’t Wait To Share With You!

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