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Inspire TV Channel (ITVC) provides a stylish and graceful approach to media for the entire family. Our mission is to inspire, equip, and grow entire families around the world to elevate to unimaginable levels. Our vision is to be a household name for all families and communities.  We deliver shows that lead the entire family to excellence, while providing content with meaning and uniqueness infused with creativity and innovation. We enhance the knowledge of viewers on current and potential challenges in the world. We are a community of content developers who seek to accomplish the mission of Exposure. We value faith, people, community, leadership, innovation, and quality. Watching ITVC will leave you desiring more where you will be addicted to stay tuned. We will ensure that you G.E.T. Inspired!


Thank you for trusting !nsprie TV for your media needs. Below is a list of AMAZING BONUS TOOLS for being an EARLY BIRD!!!

  • Hello Woofy (Social Media Manager) <--- ALL PLATFORMS
  • InVideo (Video, etc. Creator) <--- UNLIMITED VIDEOS
  • Swipe Pages (Landing Page Builder) <--- UNLIMITED PAGES
  • More to come.....

We will grow together. Let's INSPIRE the world, while increasing our income.Go to the course to learn more.....ONE MORE THING.... You can create landing pages and videos for your guests.🤩 BUT WAIT...

ONE MORE THING... You can charge them and keep 100% of the profit!!! That's right!!! As my gift to you, I have added you to my team and granted agency rights. 🥳🎯 OH YEAH... You can also manage UP TO 2 clients social media campaigns. UMMMM YEP!!! And what??? You KEEP 100% OF THE PROFIT!!!! 🤑

😭 DID YOU MISS THE MARCH 14, 2021 DEADLINE??? IT IS OK.... You can get most of these bonuses for a small monthly fee. Send an email to with the subject "ITVC Bonus Tools".

15 Modules


We are finally here.... The time has come to get on the BIG SCREEN!!!!


The pre-launch schedule will be posted soon. There will be workshops and strategy sessions for each week. If you are not able to attend, the recordings will be posted. 


Pre-Launch meetings are under the "Pre-Launch Material" section.... 

Affiliate Program

ITVC has a referral program to reward you for growing our family. 


  • Hosted a show on the !nspiration TV Channel for 3 months
  • Providing quality content
  • Must have an "Active" show
  • Referral must be interviewed and accepted

Contact Information

Video Content Specifications

Specifications for Streaming 

Content must be video [only] 

The file must be MP4 

The file must be less than 30 min 

Any file more than 30 min must be preapproved by corporate in writing (request) can be emailed to 

The file must be landscape and NOT portrait frame

Airtime is not transferrable to any party not associated with the account.

Modules for this product 15

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 Show Hosts Membership (6 month contract)
 $349.00 USD  ( then $349.00 USD for 5 months )
 Show Hosts Membership (12 month contract)
 $299.00 USD  ( then $299.00 USD for 11 months )
 Show Hosts Membership (12 month contract) with PRICE LOCK!!! (no end date)
 $299.00 USD  ( then $299.00 USD a month )
 Show Hosts Membership (12 month contract) with PRICE LOCK!!! (no end date) --- Annual Pay (2 months FREE)
 $2,990.00 USD  ( then $2,990.00 USD a year )

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I am also acknowledging that I am aware that prices may increase after my contract ends where I will be placed on a month to month contract.

I understand that I must provide a 30 day notice when requesting to end my contract.

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